Training for Communication skills


The training took place on Monday, Dec 27th.

The trainer asked for a limited number of participants.

The Trainer:

The trainer was Nabil Maalouf from Sharp Pencil.



We were 8 and it lasted from 9 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. The attendees were: Fady Nasr, Reem Aswad, Jad Nasr, Nadine Abboud ,Georges Aramouni, Tony Khater, Elie Nassif and myself.


The training was very interesting. Every time we were presenting, the trainer was filming us and we were all watching the videos and discussing and criticizing ourselves.

At 9 nine and after an introduction from the trainer we started presenting what we already prepared. A presentation of 5 minutes regarding the beatitudes from Saint Mathew.

Though the presentation were good, the trainer showed us some common mistakes that were were doing: starting from the voice, the eye contact, the way we stood up, the length of our speech, the opening words, the closing words, etc. etc.

At 12 we started preparing new speeches based on what we already learned.

at 13 lunch break. Even during the lunch break we had discussions about some common mistakes.

In the afternoon we presented what we prepared and the it was obvious that we gained a lot from the training.

In few hours we were ready to prepare a meaningful speech!!!!

Unfortunately the photos taken were not the best but they can give you a clear picture!


Fady Talking bis Nabil is doing his best and Nadine and Reem listening!
Photo0036 Photo0037
Reem Presenting! Thank you Nabil 🙂

One Response to Training for Communication skills

  1. elie nassif كتب:

    It was very good 10x mister Nabil

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